Analysis of the role of metal cutting fluid in mold manufacturing

In the mold manufacturing process, the workpiece chips will generate a lot of heat due to extrusion and friction. Therefore, it is necessary to use metal cutting fluid to provide lubrication and cooling.

With the development of mold manufacturing and processing, various high-precision requirements and the difficulty of processing super-hard and difficult materials have increased. Therefore, metal cutting fluids must have excellent lubrication, cooling, cleaning, anti-rust and other properties to process high-precision molds. Provide protection! Appropriate metal cutting fluid is essential to ensure product processing quality, improve processing efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution.

Metal cutting fluid is an indispensable lubrication coolant widely used in the mold processing industry. Metal cutting fluid can meet the requirements of various processes for mold manufacturing and processing. Practice has proved that choosing the right metal cutting fluid can effectively reduce the cutting temperature, reduce the cutting resistance, prolong the service life of the equipment, improve the processing accuracy, and can wash away the machining debris from the cutting to avoid scraping the workpiece surface. Flowers, thus improving production efficiency and product quality.

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Post time: Apr-15-2020