How to clean machined oil on aluminum alloy surface?

  After machining aluminum parts, there are a lot of oil stains on the surface, residual cutting fluid, etc. What cleaning agent can be used to clean them?

                 For aluminum alloy workpieces, it is necessary to choose low alkalinity and non-corrosive, which will not affect the original color of the workpiece, and then consider environmental protection factors.

                  The environmentally friendly spray degreaser IC-505 produced by our company is a non-phosphorus environment-friendly, low-foam, high-efficiency, non-ferrous metal degreasing cleaning product with strong decontamination, dispersion and penetration ability. Short degreasing time, low foam, low Alkalinity does not corrode aluminum and other advantages. The usage ratio is 5%, heated to 45-55 degrees Celsius, and the spray time is 5-8 minutes. For the presence or absence of heavy workpieces, the concentration of degreasing cleaning agent can be increased appropriately.
               For the soaking or scrubbing method, you can choose the general cleaning agent IC-502 produced by our company, which contains no phosphorus, low alkalinity and no corrosion. Use the ratio of 5-10%, soak it for 10-20 minutes at 35-45 degrees Celsius. If you clean it manually, use 1:10 directly with water.


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Post time: Mar-18-2020