surface modifier for refining phosphate coating in zinc phospahting process

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Colloidal titanium salt surface modifier , is used  prior to the zinc phosphate stage.  when dispersion into water , surface modifer PA-L forms a colloidal suspension solution , refined zinc phosphate coating .

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    PA-L surface modifier

    Ⅰ、 Performance characterics

    This product is a surface modifier of colloidal  titanium salt, it has many characteristics  such as strong adjustable capacity, bath solution with long-term stability, the process by controlled conveniently, especially the strong capacity of resistance to hard water. It can accelerate the speed of phosphating film forming, reduce the phosphate sediment and  form more meticulous close-grained and more uniform phosphating film coating, which makes coating  more smooth, plump burnish, beautiful and have stronger resistance to corrosion and adhesion.


    It prepared with many chemical fertilizers such as Colloidal titanium salt, phosphate, emulsifying agent, anti-hard water agent .

    Ⅲ、Technical performance index

    serial number item index
    1 apperance white powder
    2 concentration 0.3-0.4 percent
    3 Treatment Soak or spray
    4 The average treatment capacity 800-1000m2/kg
    5 Total alkalinity 2-2.8PT(8-8.5)
    6 temperature normal temperature
    7 time spray20-40s or soak 40-90s


    Ⅳ、Test method

    Remove good working solution 10ML to the conical flask, add 2-3 drops of bromophenol blue indicator and then titrate with 0.1N sulfuric acid. It is the end when the color turns from purple to yellow, and the total number of milliliters consumpted 0.1N sulfuric acid is total alkalinity.

    Ⅴ、Usage method

    Bath preparation

    First put PA-L surface regulators into water until all dissolved, then stir with water adding, and it can be used after the determination of total alkalinity and pH.

    Bath Management

    If Phosphating fluid worked normally but Phosphating workpiece appeared hanging ash, back to yellow, rust and other phenomena, which indicated that the solution was polluted seriously and should drain out and replace it with new fluid.

    Ⅵ、Package and storage

    25KG plastic bags.

    Stored for one year in dry warehouse.

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