Zinc phosphate conversion coating agent for automobile sheet metal with powder coating

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Zinc-Manganese phosphating solution is used for automobile sheet metal , frames pretreatment before painting and powder coating .  It can be used by large scale spraying process . make the powder coating surface  perfect .

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    Zinc-Manganese phosphate coating agent


    1. Overview

    IC-2010-1 Zn-Mn series phosphate coating agent is used for surface phosphating of iron and steel parts, polished steel platefor automobiles. There are some advantages, such as low-temperature, fast filming, little sediment, light pollution. Phosphate coating is thin and firm, dense and uniform, and crystal nucleus is fine. The product is suitable for large-scale immersion line, spraying and the combination of spraying and dipping with strong processing capability. It is the representative product of high-quality products bonderite developed by our company.

    2. Using method

    Working liquid preparation (1 ton)

    1. Working liquid reagent

    IC-2010-1A Zn-Mn series phosphate coating agent

    IC-2010-1B Zn-Mn series phosphate coating agent

    NT-125 neutralizer

    AC-1301 accelerator

    b. First, add water to sink with 50 % of the capacity of sink. Second, 50 kg IC-2010-1A was added to the sink. Third, 6 – 6.50 kg NT-125 neutralizer was dissolved in a small amount of water, and then add slowly to sink and stir until flocculent precipitate was completely dissolved. Finally, add margin water, and stir evenly. Confirm process indicators. Before using heated to processing temperature, add AC-1301 accelerator of 1.5 kg, and stir evenly.

    3. Parameters of working liquid management

      Dipping Spraying
    Total acidity 18 -36 18 – 30
    Free acidity   0.9 – 1.8 0.7 - 1.3
    Accelerator    2.0- 5.0   1.5 - 4.0
    Temperature 25 - 40 degrees 35- 40 degrees
      Time 20-30 min 2- 3 min
    Spraying pressure   0.6 to 1.0 kg/cm2


    200Kg/plastic barrel



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